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About Baby Massage

Infant massage is a vital interaction that helps to form the foundation of a relationship that will last a lifetime.  Nurturing touch between a parent/caregiver and an infant enriches physiological, social-emotional, and mind/body/spirit connections for the infant being massaged, as well as for the parent.

Infant massage empowers parents and enhances bonding and attachment with your baby.  
By learning infant massage you have a chance to discover your baby's unique qualities; by spending some one on one time with them that is positive, nurturing and relaxing.

For fathers infant massage is the perfect opportunity to take on that powerful father role early in your baby’s life.  It is a safe situation where you are “allowed” to show your softer side and reconnect with your nurturing instincts.  

Babies that experience the bonds of trust and love; the warmth and respect that are taught in infant massage, will carry this with them and grow to be caring and compassionate adults.

I often get asked "what is the best age for my baby to start having baby massage?", and the answer is any time is a good time!
And the classes are available to anyone with a baby aged 0 - 12 months.

However most parents find that babies from the age of around 6 - 8 weeks old is perhaps more ideal due to the fact that they have longer alert phases and are therefore more receptive of the massage and as parent you will also get more from the classes.

If you have a baby that suffers from colic, starting younger can be beneficial.
Once your baby is crawling you will need to be more inventive with massage and adaptations can be made for your more active baby .